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Pepsi + Pizza Hut

Score with Pogba | AR Game

Tool of North America
Creative Direction: Emily Fife
Motion Design: Alex Moy
Producer: Derek Richmond, Pierre Nobile
3D Avatar: Augmented Island Studios

Pepsi partnered with Pizza Hut and the UEFA Champions League for their annual club football competition. At the center of the campaign is the Champions Bundle you can get by ordering from Pizza Hut restaurants. To promote the partnership and enhance the experience, Pepsi partnered with Tool to create a one-of-a-kind web-based AR game featuring Paul Pogba of Manchester City F.C.

This is a global promotion and the game is being released in over 20 countries.

SCORE WITH POGBA is an updated take on a classic endless runner game. Tool created the game concept, environment, game logic, and rules from the ground (or grass) up!