Role: Designer

Art Director: Wendy Strauss, Debbie Yeh

3D Designer: Victor Johnson

Agency: We’re Magnetic

Design an authentic experience at LA Automobility that proves Facebook’s thought leadership and long-term commitment to the auto industry by building a user journey through Facebook’s Video/Story sharing platform.

The whole purpose of an automobile is to move; to be in motion. And the moving picture is at the core of Facebook’s marketing offerings - specifically Video and Stories.

What if we combined Story School and ‘driving school’ to create a robust video op experience?

Attendees can learn best practices at Story School, then put their education into practice through a series of installations that offer fun and engaging content for Story creation. 

Station 1: Rearview Mirror Wall

What if we built a wall entirely out of rearview mirrors? It’s a more organic video/photo op that allows you to embrace your creative side. Make a boomerang, make a funny face, or just take an artsy selfie in this unique rearview mirror wall.
Reflecting on the Journey:

You’ve passed your driving test! Now it’s time to throw on a pair of shades and hit the road.

Put on these reflective sunglasses and stand in front of a looping video of driving down a long road. The result: a gorgeous reflection of yellow lines running along your sunglasses. Sunglasses are ‘mirrored’ to create pristine reflections.

Phone on Wheels:

Put your Instagram video recorder on ‘hands-free’ mode, put your phone on a mini dolly, then give it a push! Your phone will go on a journey through our mini branded world, capturing a stunning video using what looks like a professional camera move.