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Google Social Labs

Lunar New Year 2021

Nom Wah Tea Parlour, NYC Chinatown
Rose Wong
Byte NYC

Creative Direction - Rachel Caires
Art Direction/Design - Alex Moy
Design & Animation - Nick Sampson, Alex Moy Video Editing - Jake Wojenski
Production - Alex Glaum, Kate Campbell, Blake Portmann
Searches for “year of the ox meaning” have increased by 2900% in the last week of January.

To help kick off the Year of the Ox, Google is providing a platform for voices from the Asian-American community to help educate viewers on the symbolism and significance of the holiday while encouraging outside support of local businesses.

Link to IGTV

Objective 1: Community
Build a sense of solidarity amongst people who celebrate the holiday. Through ideas that encourage engagement, we can help people to share well wishes for the new year and connect with friends and family, even while apart.
Objective 2: Nod to Heritage
We will celebrate the heritage of LNY by showcasing authentic traditions and focus on the commonalities in the way people all over the world celebrate LNY. Any historical context however, will be based on the the original Chinese customs.
Objective 3: Celebration
Above all, we want to remember that LNY is a time of celebration. We will use a celebratory tone in messaging to welcome the new year. While we’ll touch on serious topics such as the hardships Asian-Americans faced this past year, we’ll largely remain focused on the celebratory and optimistic future with the Year of the Ox.

Illustrator Rose Wong ︎ @ohrosewong 

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